People of the Peaks: Mount Chapin

6/29/2017, 3:00PM to 4:00PM
Who was Mount Chapin named for and why? Answer: Frederick Hastings Chapin (1852-1900), a wholesale druggist from Connecticut, who made several trips to Estes Park in the 1880s. Together with eastern friends and local cattleman William Hallett, he climbed many of the mountains surrounding Estes Park. The result was the book "Mountaineering in Colorado: The Peaks About Estes Park" containing his own stunning black and white photographs, published in Boston by the Appalachian Mountain Club in 1889. Chapin also visited Mesa Verde, where he became one of the first to photograph the recently-discovered Cliff Palace. 

The lecture, by Historian Laureate Dr. James Pickering, will discuss his life and times, focusing on the visits to Estes Park, and illustrated with Chapin's own photographs. This program is free and open to the public at the Estes Park Museum. No registration is required. The Estes Park Museum is located at 200 Fourth Street.