Unofficial Results of the Dec. 10, 2019 Special Municipal Election 

Unofficial Results of the 2019 Special Municipal Election

Official results will be posted no later than December 20, 2019.

2019 Special Municipal Election 

2019 Special Municipal Election Sample Ballot

Special Election - Issue Committees

Committee Contact Information
EP4MJ Campaign Committee  info@ep4mj.com
Estes Park Citizens Opposed to Local Marijuana Outlets wapitie1@me.com
Let Pot Grow 701 Elm Rd, Estes Park

At its September 10, 2019 regular meeting, the Estes Park Town Board set a special municipal election for December 10, 2019  as a mail ballot election to permit the operation of a limited number of marijuana facilities within Town limits. A copy of the Citizen Initiated Ordinance 23-19 and Statement of Sufficiency can be viewed here

Ballots will be mailed to all active voters who live within Town limits the week of November 18, 2019. By law, mail ballots cannot be forwarded with other forwarded mail. To ensure your mail ballot is delivered to the appropriate address for this Special Election, voter registration information must be updated prior to November 8, 2019 by visiting www.govotecolorado.com or complete an application for an absent/alternative voter mail ballot and return it to the Clerk's office. 

Any individual who intends to raise funds to campaign for or against the initiated ordinance is required to register as an Issue Committe with the Town Clerk's office prior to raising or expending.

For more information, please contact Jackie Williamson, Town Clerk at 970-577-4771 or jwilliamson@estes.org or speak with a staff member at 970-577-4777 or townclerk@estes.org.

News Release, September 11, 2019 Voters to decide on citizen-initated ordinance to allow marijuana facilities Dec. 10

2019 Special Municipal Recall Election 

Official Recall Election Results

August 20, 2019

A special municipal recall election is scheduled August 20, 2019 for the purpose of (1) determining if Trustee Cody Rex Walker should be recalled from the office of Trustee, and (2) if recalled, elect a new Trustee to complete his term ending April 2020. The election will be held as a mail ballot election with ballots to be mailed beginning July 29, 2019. 

For more information, please contact Jackie Williamson, Town Clerk at 970-577-4771 or jwilliamson@estes.org.

Official Recall Election Results

August 20, 2019

Recall Election - Recall Committees 


No Recall Estes Park

True Grit - No Recall


2020 Municipal Election

The Town Clerk is the Designated Election Official for all Regular and Special Municipal Elections. Regular Municipal Elections are held on the first Tuesday in April of even-numbered years to elect members to the Board of Trustees and bring forward local ballot questions, when necessary. The Town is not responsible for Special District elections, General elections or elections coordinated with the county in November.

Wondering if you are eligible to vote in Town of Estes Park Municipal elections? You can verify your voter registration status, as well as review your available voting districts by visiting the Larimer County website at www.larimer.org/elections. If "Estes Park" is listed, you are eligible to vote in a municipal election. View a map of Estes Park's Town boundaries. Colorado voters may also visit www.GoVoteColorado.com to register to vote, check voter registration status and review mailing address information for accuracy.  

Per Colorado State Statute, the Qualifications of Municipal Electors include, but are not limited to the following. Refer to Colorado State Statute 31-10-201 for additional information.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be a resident within the municipality and resided in the state of Colorado for twenty-two (22) days immediately preceding the election
  • The residence of a person is their principal or primary residence

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