Elkhorn Regional Tourism Project

In July of 2011, the Estes Park Town Board approved moving forward with the next step of process in applying for a Regional Tourism Authority (RTA) for the Elkhorn Project, Inc. (EPI).  The Town agreed to pay for a third-party financial analysis at a cost of $23,378; this is the only cost incurred by the Town to date.

Directors of EPI have proposed the “Elkhorn Adventure Area,” a regional tourism project to renovate and expand the Elkhorn Lodge at 600 West Elkhorn Avenue in Estes Park. The project would include a performing arts center, a museum and living history center and a ski adventure park with year-round skiing, snowboarding and tubing.

The RTA application was submitted June 30, 2011 to the Colorado Department of Economic Development for an incremental sales tax program authorized by the Regional Tourism Act.  This funding is necessary to support the project. The application was prepared by the EPI Directors and submitted by the Town of Estes Park, as it was required that a governmental entity submit the application.

Update May 18, 2012: The Elkhorn Project application was not approved for RTA funding.