Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections in the Light & Power service area are performed by different entities depending on county. Light & Power requires proof of a passed electrical inspection (i.e. a meter release) from the inspector before a service can be connected. Light & Power will connect the service or set the meter within 5 business days of receiving a passed inspection.
In Larimer County, both inside and outside Town limits, electrical inspections are performed by a state electrical inspector. Currently, David Alfers is the State Electrical Inspector assigned to the Estes Valley. He will be available for inspections in the Estes Valley area Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Inspections should be scheduled no later than the day prior to the date of inspection. Inspection requests should be submitted through the State Online Permit System. Log in with your EC registration # and click the permit number that you wish to be inspected. Then scroll down to the "Request Inspection" button and click it. Fill out the information and click submit. It will be sent to the appropriate inspector, who will add the job to his schedule. When your permit has been scheduled, you will see the following notation in red: "This permit number is on your inspector's itinerary for inspection today". There will be additional information provided with this message.

In Boulder County, electrical inspections are performed by County inspectors. To schedule an inspection call 303-441-3925, then Press “1.” The permit number and inspection code are required to schedule inspections. The permit number can be found on the top right-hand corner of the permit card and begins with “BP.” Please see the Boulder County Building Inspections page for complete instructions and information. See the Boulder County website for information regarding building permits and land use.

State Electrical Inspector:
David Alfers
303-869-3446 or 1-855-451-9790 (toll-free)
Boulder County Land Use Office - Building Safety & Inspection Services:
Email: Ask a Building Official
Main: 303-441-3926
Fax: 303-441-4856