Estes Park Downtown Plan

The Town has received a $190,000 grant through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, State Energy and Mineral Impact Fund to prepare a Downtown Plan.  This conceptual plan will be define a vision of the downtown in 2025 and describe what the downtown will look like socially, economically and physically. It will identify a clear set of priorities, actions, strategies and financing mechanisms to achieve the 2025 vision, and serve as a blueprint for future development and infrastructure improvements downtown. The plan will integrate hazard and climate change, land use (including housing), transportation, parking, infrastructure, urban design and economic competitiveness into a unified conceptual plan.

The Estes Park Downtown Plan will ultimately become a portion of the Estes Valley Comprehensive Plan and will update and replace the existing 1996 downtown subarea plan currently in the Comprehensive Plan.

Throughout the planning process business owners and residents will examine key downtown issues such as economic competitiveness, flood mitigation and stormwater management, environmental resiliency, commercial mix, housing options, redevelopment and building height, transit and shuttles, congestion, parking, pedestrian and bicycle connections, public amenities, infrastructure needs, and zoning regulations. This focused effort for downtown Estes Park will merge ideas from the public, business owners, land owners, workers and interested groups with technical, environmental and fiscal expertise.

Please visit to learn more about the project and make your voice heard.