Cross-Connection Control / Backflow Prevention

The Town of Estes Park Water Division is committed to providing high quality, safe drinking water to residents and visitors of Estes Park. Recognizing that health and well-being are important and directly related to good water, water quality is monitored closely from the time water first enters the treatment plants to the time it exits a water faucet. It is for these reasons the Water Division has implemented the Cross-Connection and Backflow Control Program. 
 Following is a list of certified cross-connection control technicians recognized by the State of Colorado to test, inspect and repair backflow devices. These companies have provided the Town of Estes Park Water Division with current copies of certificates, test equipment calibration certifications and certificates of liability insurance. The Town of Estes Park provides this list for convenience and does not imply endorsement or assurance of quality of service. As with any business transaction, always ask questions up front and be informed.
Company / Technician Name                                Contact Number
Curtis-Straub Plumbing and Heating/Daniel Ertl       970-586-1758
Ertl Mechanical / Karl Ertl                                       970-586-0265
Estes Park Plumbers                                                970-586-3698
Estes Valley Cross Connection                                  970-980-8626
Everest Mechanical                                                   970-586-0970
Flow Fire Protection Inc                                           970-494-1817
Freedom Fire Protection                                          303-827-2060
Lind's Plumbing and Heating Inc                                970-221-1735
Mountain Valley Plumbing                                         970-586-1085
Schwab Plumbing                                                     303-586-2810
Western States Fire Protection                                 303-472-5205
Once the work has been completed on a backflow device, be sure to obtain a copy of the test results and keep it on file for three years. The technician should send a copy to the Water Division. However if a copy is not received, a second notice will be sent out stating that the required test work still needs to be completed.  By retaining a copy of the test results, it will be simple to provide said copy to the Water Division, avoiding the additional cost of having a technician return and test the backflow device again.
Please keep in mind that work performed on fire suppression systems by a contractor requires specialized knowledge, certification and registration with the Colorado Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety.  In this case, please be sure that any contractor utilized has the proper qualifications.
For more information please contact Jesse Dunn, Utilities Document Technician at 970-577-3597 or or Steve Rusch, Utilities Coordinator at 970-577-3625 or