Cleave Street Interim Improvements

10282019 Cleave St 2.JPG

Cleave Street is located in the heart of downtown and parallels Elkhorn Avenue. Adopted in 2018, the Estes Park Downtown Plan identified Cleave Street as a prime location for redevelopment. The area is "mixed use" with both front and back business entrances and resident access. The lack of continuous sidewalks results in unsafe pedestrian traffic. The narrow width of the road, along with a substantial cross slope, creates drainage issues and presents difficulties for cyclists and persons with disabilities. Additionally, the utilities located in this area are in need of upgrade and relocation.

The area is zoned 'Downtown Commercial', described in the Estes Valley Development Code (EVDC) as ". . .established to provide a wide variety and relatively high density of retail and commercial services within Downtown Estes Park to serve both residents and visitors." The EVDC also states, "This district is intended to encourage a predominance of compact and pedestrian-scale retail, service and office uses in the downtown core. Residential uses, especially employee housing, or when mixed with commercial or retail uses, are also encouraged within the district to provide alternative housing choices for the Valley's workforce."

This project will bring both economic and aesthetic benefits to Estes Park due to the location adjacent to Fall River and Tregent Park, and is within walking distance to Performance Park and most downtown shops. Kimley-Horn and Associates was selected as the design team to work with the community and Town to determine the short and long-term future of Cleave Street. Kimley-Horn and the Town will host public outreach meetings and will provide opportunities to view, and provide input on, the concepts and design plans. These interim improvements will focus on street and drainage improvements and will provide better pedestrian access. Long-term goals include stormwater improvements, sidewalks, and upgraded utilities.