Business Licensing

A business license is required for each business, occupation, or profession within the Town of Estes Park which consists of selling goods, wares, merchandise or services; the performing or rendering of service for charge; the leasing, renting or furnishing of accommodation units; and the carrying on or engaging in any non-residential business.  Each business conducted at a separate location, regardless of ownership, shall obtain and maintain a separate business license.
The Town Board approved a reduction to the 2020 Business License fees for General, Home, Building Contractor and Accommodations. 
2020 Business License Type Fee Amount
General/Home/Building Contractor $50.00
Mobile Food Vending $25.00
Accommodations, 5 Units or Less $50.00
Accommodations, 6 to 20 Units $100.00
Accommodations, 21 Units or More $150.00
NOTE: All Business License Renewals are due January 31, 2020. Payments received after January 31st of each calendar year will be assessed a penalty of $200 in addition to the licensing fee. 

To apply for a new business license, choose the appropriate application from the list below. 
Please note
  • Application must have all requested fields completed. Any incomplete applications will be immediately returned to the applicant for completion.
  • Those applying as a sole proprietor must submit a completed Affidavit of Lawful Presence accompanied by a copy of a Colorado Driver's License, or another acceptable form of identification with the application.


For more information on Vacation Home Registrations please visit the Vacation Home Registration page by clicking here.



Local Marketing Tax District Information:

Lodging owners or their management companies, who lease or rent rooms and accommodations for less than 30 days, must collect and remit the local marketing district tax. Local marketing tax applies to hotels, motels, condominiums and camping spaces, and in some areas houses, guest ranches and mobile homes. Please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website for more information.

For further information, reference the Estes Park Municipal Code or the Estes Valley Development Code.