Brodie Avenue Improvements

Nov. 8, 2019 update:

Construction of the Brodie Avenue Improvements is complete. The roadway is open to regular traffic. There is a new turn lane at the intersection of Brodie Ave. and Community Drive as well as a new parking lane on Brodie Ave. near the elementary school. A new storm sewer system with inlets has been installed to better hande stormwater runoff in the area and reduce the potential for flooding.

The Town of Estes Park would like to thank the community for their continued patience throughout this project.

Sept. 12, 2019 update:

Installation of the mail line storm sewer is complete and crews are finishing the concrete storm inlets and PVC pipe edge drain installation. The inlets and edge drain will carry water into the storm sewer which will discharge into Fish Creek.

Soft and compressible spots in the Brodie Avenue subgrade were identified by proof-rolling the roadway, and then corrected by over-excavating and replacing with better subgrade material. Crushed asphalt material was brought in for the roadway base layer, then graded and compacted to the appropriate elevation.

The concrete crew has started forming curb and gutter along both sides of the road, utilizing a curbing machine where possible. They will hand-form the remaining sections then look to begin the concrete driveways and 10-foot wide trail pavement. A separate crew has started constructing the project's three retaining walls.

The Town would again like to thank all students, parents, and the Estes Park School District for their continued patience during this construction period. For the traffic routing plan related to accessing the schools, please follow the transportation flyers provided in the links below the previous update.

Aug. 13, 2019 update:

School will be starting soon, and with the updated construction schedule moving into the month of October, the Town wants to share the school district's transportation news. This information will be provided at the upcoming school open houses and school assessment days.

Brodie Avenue Improvements Transportation Information (English)

Brodie Avenue Improvements Transportation Information (Spanish) 

July 24, 2019 update:

The installation of the storm sewer system near Fish Creek ran into some challenges which initially resulted in slower progress. The construction crew encountered multiple utilities conflicts near Fish Creek requiring some re-design and field adjustments. Because construction crews dug deeper to lower the storm sewer they ran into more solid rock which required further difficult excavation.

Local access traffic will vary either from Community Drive or Fish Creek Road depending on where the construction activity is occurring along Brodie Avenue and the type of work being performed. Access to the Larimer County building should be from Manford Avenue through the school parking lot. The Town is asking people to follow traffic control signs carefully and avoid travel on Brodie Avenue if at all possible.

The construction crew is currently installing storm sewer pipe along the center of Brodie Avenue. This pipe will collect storm water runoff through inlets and safely discharge it into Fish Creek in an effort to help protect properties from rainwater and potential flooding. Concrete curb and gutter along Brodie Avenue will direct water into storm inlets before the water can enter the downhill driveways. Once the storm sewer pipe is installed along Brodie Avenue from east to west, the crew will install inlets and manholes, then begin roadway and trail work from Community Drive to Fish Creek.

The Fish Creek trail remains closed at Brodie Avenue. Please use alternate routes.

We appreciate your patience as we continue this construction project. Please contact us with questions at 970-577-3587 or

July 3, 2019 update:

In order to install the storm sewer outlet for the Brodie Avenue Improvements project, the Fish Creek Trail will be closed at Brodie Avenue beginning July 8 for approximately one week, weather permitting. Trail users are asked to plan alternate routes. Advance closure signs will be posted on the trail near the Stanley Park playground (north of Brodie Avenue) and Country Club Drive (south of Brodie Avenue).

Also beginning July 8, Brodie Avenue will be closed to all vehicle traffic at Fish Creek Road. Even local traffic will be unable to enter or exit Brodie Avenue at Fish Creek Road. Local resident and business traffic, only, will be allowed access from Community Drive. This closure is expected to last for two weeks, depending on work progress and weather.

The Brodie Avenue Improvements project includes trail construction funded by CDOT's Safe Routes to School grant program and road improvements funded by the 2014 1A sales tax funds. Construction activity will continue through September 2019 and will require the phased closures of Brodie Avenue. Alternative routes will be required throughout this project. Local traffic, residents and businesses will be accommodated.

For more information on the status of this project, please visit this webpage or contact the Public Works Department at 970-577-3587 or

June 21, 2019 update:

The project will now begin June 24, including the full road closure to through traffic. 

June 6, 2019 update:

The Brodie Avenue improvements project is scheduled for construction beginning the week of June 17. Construction on the segment of Brodie Avenue west of the Larimer County building entrance is scheduled to be complete prior to the school year beginning, to accommodate traffic at the Estes Park schools campus. Total project completion is expected by the end of September, weather permitting. Construction activity will require the closure of Brodie Avenue to through traffic; alternate routes will be required throughout the project. Local traffic, residential and business, will be accommodated.

The improvements include construction of a 10-foot-wide multi-use trail as well as roadway, traffic, parking and drainage improvements along Brodie Avenue. The Town was awarded a Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Safe Routes to School grant for the trail construction. For more information about this project please call 970-577-3587 or email

View the project design (zoom in for detail)


The Town of Estes Park received a Safe Routes to School grant through CDOT in the amount of $336,000 toward the construction of a pedestrian trail along the north side of Brodie Avenue. The trail will be 10' wide concrete and will be separated from the roadway using a 4' wide landscaping strip. In addition to providing a safe pedestrian path, the project will also incorporate roadway and drainage improvements. Brodie Avenue will be widened at the Community Drive intersection to include double turn lanes off Brodie Ave, and storm sewer inlets will be added along the curb and gutter to better handle stormwater runoff. A parking lane will be added on the north side of Brodie Ave, across from Wapiti Drive where parents currently park along the dirt shoulder during drop-off and pick-up times. Construction is expected to occur in summer 2019, aligning with the school district's off season.

A trail along Brodie Ave was identified as the top priority Safe Routes to School project through feedback from the Estes Park School district and parent surveys. Brodie Avenue is the last leg of a pedestrian or bicycle journey to school, but has no sidewalk or ADA compliant path connecting to the school campus. Parents and School District officials say they cannot recommend that students bike or walk to school without a safe route in place. For more information on the project, contact the Public Works Department at 970-577-3587.

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