The Town is committed to following the adopted Intergovernmental Agreement and basic premises used throughout Larimer County. The Town’s established addressing is varied and complex by nature due to the established street network and historical presence, which provides a challenge to maintain and promote a consistent and intuitive street naming and addressing system.

The addressing system is intended to provide order and logic to the citizens, general public, service sources, and emergency service providers by:

  1. Providing a systematic means of identifying and locating properties within Town limits.
  2. Ensure emergency services, such as Police, Fire, and Ambulance are able to locate and continue to respond rapidly to 911 calls.
  3. Assist entities with delivery of mail, packages, utilities, and other services.
  4. Assign address numbers to addressable structures or units, name new streets, name existing streets currently unnamed, and rename streets when deemed applicable to avoid confusion in order to provide for efficient public services.
  5. Provide the ability to enhance mapping services to manage addressing and street names within Town limits.
  6. Govern the display of property address numbers and provide for accurate street name signage, installation, and maintenance thereof.

Addressing Forms