Electric Capital Improvement Projects

New 2017 -

Moraine Avenue Improvements

The Utilities Department is currently trenching in Moraine Avenue in order to upgrade utilities. Blasting will be required under the roadway where rock has been encountered. The area is between 157 Moraine Ave. and south to near Davis Street. This operation is expected to take place on Thursday, Nov. 2. Very little vibration and noise will be noticed as minimal and controlled blasting devices are used. Businesses in the area will be notified in advance by staff. 

For more information please visit www.estes.org/moraineavenuebridge or call Public Works at 970-577-3587.

Fall River Corridor

This project will move the main line underground and upgrade overhead lines to an insulated tree cable along portions of MacGregor Avenue, Big Horn Drive, and Fall River Road. Once completed, this will decrease the number of outages in the Fall River area. The work area for this project is outlined on the map above.

Project updates will be posted here.

Smart Grid - Connecting Allenspark and Estes Park

The Smart Grid allows for two-way communication between components of the electrical infrastructure. This communication results in more efficiency in the transmission and delivery of power to customers, quicker restoration of power after an outage, and better integration of renewable and customer generated power. Visit SmartGrid.gov to find out more about the development of the Smart Grid nationwide.

Part of Light & Power's improvements to its electrical system is the integration of Smart Grid technology. Smart meters form the backbone of the local smart grid, providing real-time information on a customer's power status and usage. Fiber optic lines are the next step in the development of the local smart grid. Fiber optic communication is faster and more reliable than cable or wireless based systems. This internal communication network will provide greater efficiency and resiliency to the Light & Power system. Light & Power is currently installing fiber optic lines connecting Allenspark to Estes Park. The work area for this project is outlined on the map above.

Project updates will be posted here.

Continuing from 2016 - Highway 7: Marys Lake Area

Improvements to the electric line along Highway 7 in the Marys Lake area begun last year continue. These electric line replacements are required to increase electrical service reliability for customers along Highway 7 and in the Allenspark area. Placing the primary line underground will provide higher quality service and reduce future outages. Critical portions of the electric line have been moved underground along the highway around Marys Lake, the Baldpate Inn, and Lily Lake. Overhead power lines from Cheley Camp to Highway 7 have been replaced with overhead tree cable. The work area for this project is outlined on the map above.

Project updates will continue to be posted here.

Upcoming 2018

Dandie Way, Goblins Castle Area, Long Peak Road Area

Light & Power crews will begin rebuilding the overhead power line in these areas with an insulated aerial power line. The covered lines reduce the chances of faulting or sparking in the event that tree branches brush or lay on the lines. Work along Dandie Way is anticipated to begin in January 2018 and run through April; the work along Goblins Castle and Babcock Roads is anticipated to begin in April and run through July; the work in the Long Peak Road area is anticipated to begin in July and run thorugh October. For questions regarding these projects, please contact Sarah Clark, Administrative Assistant, at 970-577-3627 or via email at sclark@estes.org.