Electric Capital Improvement Projects

New 2017 - Fall River Corridor

This project will move the main line underground and upgrade overhead lines to an insulated tree cable along portions of MacGregor Avenue, Big Horn Drive, and Fall River Road. Once completed, this will decrease the number of outages in the Fall River area. 

Project updates will be posted here.

Map of electric work on Fall River Rd  Map of electric work on MacGregor Ave and Big Horn Dr

Update: March 17, 2017

The underground portion of this project is being done in collaboration with the Water Department. Work began the first week of March, with MacGregor Avenue closing to through traffic during work days. This allows crews to safely and efficiently trench, lay conduit and water pipe, and construct the required electrical infrastructure. Construction on the electrical upgrades is on track to be completed by April 14, 2017.

    Fall River Underground  

Continuing from 2016 - Highway 7: Marys Lake Area

Improvements to the electric line along Highway 7 in the Marys Lake area begun last year continue. These electric line replacements are required to increase electrical service reliability for customers along Highway 7 and in the Allenspark area. Placing the primary line underground will provide higher quality service and reduce future outages. Critical portions of the electric line have been moved underground along the highway around Marys Lake, the Baldpate Inn, and Lily Lake. Overhead power lines from Cheley Camp to Highway 7 have been replaced with overhead tree cable. 

Project updates will continue to be posted here.

Update: March 17, 2017

Trenching work to replace existing overhead electric lines with underground lines is complete except for road boring under Highway 7 and Marys Lake Road. Crews have finished pulling wire through the underground conduit and constructing electrical cabinets along the Homer Rouse Trail. Crews will be removing the old overhead electrical lines along the Homer Rouse Trail. Access to the Homer Rouse Trail open.

Trenching   Laying powerline conduit
Electric line conduit   Laying electrical conduit