Sex Offender Registry

Name: Daniel Mark Barnhart

Alias: Daniel M Barnhart, Dan Barnhart, David Mark Barnhart, Daniel Barnhart, Daniel Mark Sr Barnhart, Dave Barnhart

DOB: 04-19-1975

Address: 400 Harsh Road

Offense: Immoral/ Indecent Acts with a Child / Felony / Wyoming 14-3-105
Daniel Mark Barnhart


Name: Ritchie Cook


DOB: 02-23-1966

Address: 302 Maple Avenue

Offense: Attempted Sexual Assault on Child – Position of Trust F5

Unlawful Sexual Contact M2

Name: Dartanian Thomas Warr


DOB: 01-8-1989

Address: 436 Lilac Avenue

Offense:Sexual Contact - No Consent M1

Sex Assault - overcome victims will attempt F5