The Town of Eaton (Town) has completed a draft Municipal Water Efficiency Plan Update (Plan). The Plan is designed to promote the efficient consumption of all water usage by residents, businesses, and local governments; the goal of the Plan is to encourage more beneficial use of our water resources and insure a future adequate water supply.

Prior to finalization of the Plan, the Town welcomes input from its customers. The Town shall have a 60-day public review period beginning the date of this notice, May 2, 2019 through July 3, 2019. A complete copy is on file and available for public inspection in the Town Administrator’s Office, 223 1st Street, Eaton, CO 80615, during regular business hours. The Town will also post the plan on its website at

All written comments are due to Jeff Schreier, Town Administrator, prior to July 4, 2019 at:

Town of Eaton
Town Administrator, Jeff Schreier
223 1st Street
Eaton, CO 80615