Board Agenda and Minutes



Thursday, April 19, 2018

7:00 P.M.



1) Roll Call

2) Review the minutes of the March 15th meeting

3) Eaton Housing Authority Non-Smoking Policy.

4) Special Recognitions – Mayor Ross.



1) Swearing in of new board members: Liz Heid, Lanie Isbell, Glenn Ledall, and Coby Gentry.

2) Appointment of officers:

     - Administrator/Treasurer:  Gary A. Carsten

     - Town Clerk                       :  Erika C. Bagley

     - Town Attorney                  :  Avi Rocklin

     - Municipal Judge               :  Thomas Hellerich

3) Selection of Mayor Pro-tem.

4) Appointment of board member to Planning Commission.

5) Appointment of board member to North Front Range MPO (including alternate).

6) Downtown Development Presentation: Bruce Bormann

7) Camacho’s Mexican Restaurant – liquor license renewal.

8) Citizen comments/Questions.

9) Reports.

10) Adjourn.


Older minutes are available electronically by making a request to the Town of Eaton.