Collbran Comprehensive Master Plan

The Town of Collbran Comprehensive Plan incorporates a variety of existing Town data and public input.  The Plan recognizes the qualities, values, vision and objectives that describe the Town of Collbran's desired future.  The plan in its total sets a path that supports future growth in a deliberate, planned and positive approach that accommodates new housing, businesses, industry, agriculture, services, jobs, open spaces, transportation and environmental protection.  The Plan also provides tools to Town of Collbran citizens, staff and decision-makers with the intent of supporting sustainable growth systems and Town values.  This Plan functions to address the difficult task of balancing the Collbran's desire to maintain small-town rural character, protect environmental assets, develop a safe and efficient transportation network, promote economic vitality, provide adequate housing, effectively manage public infrastructure and protect personal property rights.  Regular use of this plan will keep citizens engaged and knowledgeable of vision statements, goals and policies.  Understanding of the Comprehensive Plan will help Town residents support their decision-makers as they evaluate future growth and strive to make the best choices for Town of Collbran.  Land use applicants should demonstrate how their applications comply with the Comprehensive Plan.

It is understood that outside forces beyond the control of Town of Collbran can have a major influence on the type, rate and extent of development activity.  Natural gas exploration is one such example.  It will be important for the Collbran to stay involved with the decision-making process to the extent possible to keep abreast of these activities and to ensure proper mitigation of associated impacts.  Town of Collbran decision-makers ultimately must consider the core values expressed by the Town residents as part of this Comprehensive Plan as a basis for future decision-making.

Flexibility in the Plan encourages creative solutions to the complex and integrated issues of growth.  At the same time, the Plan incorporates enough specificity to support focused decision-making within the overall framework of the document.  Comprehensive Plans that are too vague and too flexible do not offer adequate guidance for decision-making, resulting in widely-varying and sometimes conflicting decisions.  Conversely, plans that are too rigid do not support creative solutions to complex real world problems.  This Plan strikes a balance between these two boundaries.  The document must be used as a whole and in the context within which it was created.  It is a mistake to take individual paragraphs, goals or policies out of their context in the document to support a certain end without considering the whole plan.  Successful development applications must be substantially compliant with the Town of Collbran Comprehensive Plan and FLUM to move forward in the approval process.  The Board of Trustees is charged with determining whether a given land use application conforms to this plan.  A finding of "substantial compliance" by the Trustees is a prerequisite of a subdivision, zoning or other land-use approval.  The Town of Collbran Comprehensive Plan is intended as an advisory document except to the extent that the provisions herein are incorporated into the Town of Collbran Land Use Code (LUC) by resolution.