Traffic Mitigation

This page is intended to share information about the 2018 and 2019 Traffic Management Study.

Traffic studies have been a topic of conversation for many years.  In fact, the first traffic study that we have record of was conducted in __.  Since then, multiple studies have been done and traffic in the neighborhood has often been a topic of conversation.  The 2018/2019 Traffic Study is an attempt to finalize the discussion and put into place some solutions to help this concern that has carried on the community for many years.

The next course of action is to receive the results from the company hired to conduct the traffic study.  Once these are presented to the Trustees at the Meeting in May 2019, open houses will be held to answer questions and share the information with neighbors.  If you want to see the information and ask questions, please plan to attend one of these open houses.  The dates will be announced in the Bulletin and on this page.  Following these open houses, a Town meeting will be held in July 2019  This meeting will present the findings and offer discussion regarding possible solutions.  This will be an opportunity for Town residents to gather information, share their thoughts, and discuss this topic in detail. 

Final Traffic Study Report

Final Traffic Study Summary

Final Traffic Survey Results

Summary Regarding Legality of Gate Installation 

Minutes from the July 11 Town meeting:  July 11, 2018 Minutes

Minutes from the March 18 Trustee meeting, in which the Traffic Study was discussed.

Presentation of the July 11, 2019 Meeting by David Evans & Associates.


November 2013 Road Research

The results of the "Road Research" are presented here.

Street Pavement Preservation and Reconstruction Program

In 2010-11, a professional assessment of the roadways in Town was conducted. The engineer's report identified problems and proposed solutions. Cost projections, applicable at the time of the report, are included. Costs for a road improvement program that could be implemented in 2014 may differ.