Trash and Recycle

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Town Lyft Program

The Town has been working on a program with Lyft and it is coming to fruition! 


Do you want to take the Light Rail but the parking at the Littleton Station is impossible?  Do you want an easier way to get home from the station? 

The Town is ready to help solve the problem.  In an effort to offer more multi-modal transportation options and to help keep you out of the traffic of Santa Fe, the Town is offering the following program:


The Town of Bow Mar will pay for your Lyft ride from Bow Mar to the Light Rail Station and back.  The Town will cover up to 25 rides per week (that are no more than $10) to the station and back to Bow Mar.  The $10 max is enough to cover rides to or from the Littleton Light Rail Station.  The Town is going to run a 5 week trial on this program.  The first 25 people, each week, to take advantage of this offer will get their ride paid for by Bow Mar. 


It's easy: when you order a Lyft ride, simply use the code 'BOWMARRTDWK1' (for Bow Mar TRD Week 1). 


Each week a new code will be emailed out for use.  The program starts today, Wednesday, April 24.  Each Wednesday, a new code will be sent out to use.


Enjoy the ride!



Design Review Board Changes:  please note that the Design Review Board (formerly ACC) is under the purview of the Town.  The website has been changed to reflect the new submission information.  Applications should be submitted to the Town email at  Also, updated applications are on the website.  The DRB has created applications based in your project.  Please be sure to review the new applications and submit the appropriate application. 


Cell Tower Update: The small cell site application has been terminated.  Sprint has decided not to move forward and there will be no further action until further notice. 


The Town of Bow Mar Joining With Lets Go Colorado Campaign!

please read the Lets Go Colorado link to see whats happening with Colorado transportation needs.

Destructive Emerald Ash Borer

Updated information on the Emerald Ash Borer is now available as of November 11, 2014. Please see the information under the new Health and Environment horizontal tab..


Please Dispose of Dog Waste Properly

Our open spaces – Mary's Meadow, pathways and parks – and along our roads are not places for dog waste.

The Board of Trustees recently passed Ordinance No. 279 Regarding the Removal of Animal Excrement, which requires dog owners to clean up after their pets..

Dog waste collection trash cans have been installed in Mary's Meadow, the corner of Sheridan and Bow Mar Drive, and at the Dog Beach. The collection stations are maintained by an outside service. Please use these stations for dog waste only.