Ring Doorbells with the Columbine Valley Police Department

To help ensure we keep Bow Mar a safe community, we are investing in Ring doorbells with the Columbine Valley Police Department (CVPD) for video footage of any incidents. Ring recently participated in a study in which doorbells were installed in half the homes in a neighborhood; the study showed a 55% drop in crime where Ring doorbells were installed.  

Attached please find a notice from Chief Cottrell and Ring outlining the offer. Additional information that is important to know about the program below:

  • Should you need assistance installing the doorbell, Matt Robinette, a Bow Mar South neighbor (cell 720-273-6543), has agreed to install the doorbells for $75.
  • The Neighbors app by Ring is available for your mobile device and allows you to share your video footage with fellow neighbors and the CVPD.
  • The program is currently open to 100 homes (we have prepaid for these) on a first-come-first-serve basis. If there is additional interest, we will gladly expand the program.
  • We encourage you to order the Ring doorbells and join the Neighbors app program. Joining the Neighbors app is free; video can be uploaded from other recording devices as well.
  • Several people have mentioned a cyber hack for Ring doorbells. From my research, the vulnerability was closed and the latest firmware update is secure. That said, please choose secure passwords and do not share your login credentials with anyone you do not trust.
  • Additional cameras are available for garage doors and side walls though this program.

Bow Mar Resident Ring Application, Click Here!


\The Town of Bow Mar joining with Lets Go Colorado Campaign!

please read the Lets Go Colorado link to see whats happening with Colorado transportation needs.




As of November 1, 2016 the day-to-day administrative services of the Town of Bow Mar Building Department will be transferred to the Bow Mar office at Columbine Valley Town Hall. From this date forward all Building Plans, Building Permits, and contractor licensing will be administered through this office as agreed upon in the new Intergovernmental Agreement approved by the Bow Mar Board of Trustees on September 19, 2016.

The address of the office is:

2 Middlefield Road, Columbine Valley, Co 80123

The telephone number is: 303-795-2063

 The office is open 8-4 each day Monday through Friday.

There you will submit construction plans for review, contractors will obtain licenses and Building Permits will be picked up and paid for. The rest of the normal procedures of the Building Department will remain the same.

• Jane Carlson (Building Commissioner)-303-795-2002 or  email  will still be available for all general questions concerning new projects. 

• All ACC applications, Building Permit applications and licensing applications will be found on the Town Web site. Click here

• The ACC process remains unchanged.

• The variance request process remains unchanged

• Street Cut permits procedure remain the same – contact the Bow Mar Town Clerk-303-794-6065 and the Public Works Commissioner – Steve Fabricant-415-505-9459

• The Building Permit Fee structure remains unchanged and can be found on the Town of Bow Mar web site.

• Terry Weis (Bow Mar Building Inspector) 303-522-3331 will still be reviewing all plans and will be conducting all inspections. 

Our staff at Columbine Valley will be available to answer all questions concerning proper forms to submit, contractor licensing procedure and will be there to collect payment and administer Building Permits, licenses and Certificate of Occupancy certificates.

The office will keep one set of Building Plans of each ongoing project.

Step 1: Architectural Control Committee Review (ACC)

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The location of the meeting is posted in the Bow Mar Bulletin each month.

Refer to the Bow Mar Website. Click here  for guidelines, applications and required documents.

Step 2: If no variance is requested, submit plans to the Bow Mar Office at Columbine Valley Town Hall.  Refer to the Town of Bow Mar Web Site. Click here for guidelines, applications and required documents.

If a variance is requested, the homeowner will follow the Bow Mar Town procedure as required by ordinance.

Step 3: Upon receipt of all required documentation, Terry Weis, Bow Mar Building Inspector, will review plans and return them to the Bow Mar office at Columbine Valley.

Step 4: You will be contacted by the staff to pick up plans at the Bow Mar office at Columbine Valley and pay for your permit. All permits will be paid for by check written to the Town of Bow Mar.

Step 5: All inspections required by Terry Weis will be scheduled by the contractor or homeowner.


To learn more ...
about the Tularemia warning in Jefferson County, click here.


This Problem can be Avoided ...

The recent water main break on Sheridan created problems for several homeowners, and these problems can be avoided or lessened with proper ditch and under driveway culvert maintenance. Click here for photos.


November 2013 Road Research

The results of the "Road Research" are presented here.


Street Pavement Preservation and Reconstruction Program

In 2010-11, a professional assessment of the roadways in Town was conducted. The engineer's report identified problems and proposed solutions. Cost projections, applicable at the time of the report, are included. Costs for a road improvement program that could be implemented in 2014 may differ.


Destructive Emerald Ash Borer

Updated information on the Emerald Ash Borer is now available as of November 11, 2014. Please see the information under the new Health and Environment horizontal tab.



Secuitry Camera Committee

The recently formed Security Camera Committee, coordinating with the Board of Trustees, conducted a Town-wide survey to determine residents' interest in installling security cameras at the four entrances to Bow Mar.

See results here.


Please Dispose of Dog Waste Properly

Our open spaces – Mary's Meadow, pathways and parks – and along our roads are not places for dog waste.

The Board of Trustees recently passed Ordinance No. 279 Regarding the Removal of Animal Excrement, which requires dog owners to clean up after their pets..

Dog waste collection trash cans have been installed in Mary's Meadow, the corner of Sheridan and Bow Mar Drive, and at the Dog Beach. The collection stations are maintained by an outside service. Please use these stations for dog waste only. 


Coyote Update

The Denver Post (February 7, 2013) reports that coyote mating season takes place early in the year. Coyotes may become more territorially aggressive and may be a greater danger to dogs and cats at this time.

Coyotes may be more likely to jump fences and to confront you and your animals while you are walking through Town. Please be informed about what to do if you are contronted, and please keep your dogs on leashes.

Dogs may not be safe in their own yards, even if they are fenced. Recently, three dogs have been killed by coyotes in their fenced back yards on Sombrero. A resident reports that wildlife authorities were watching 8 aggressive coyotes and that in March 4 of them have been captured and relocated.

According to the Post article, coyote attacks on domestic animals are relatively rare. Coyotes generally dine on Canada geese, rabbits, voles, and other small wildlife that can become pests.