Live Friendly U-Z


upkeep and maintenance
Upkeep and maintenance of all property and buildings is required year-round. This includes sheds and outbuildings. Dead trees and shrubs should be removed quickly. See Municipal Code Chapter 7. There are specific metrics –

  • weeds cannot be higher than 13 inches
  • grass cannot exceed 5 inches in height

but most of us realize weeds are easier to remove when they are smaller. Do not store lumber/building materials, debris, mulch or other “stuff” in your neighbors’ sight. Recreational vehicles, boats, and similar items must be stored out of sight, as well.

Ron is our regular postman who knows your name and makes deliveries to your boxes and your front door. Due to increasing postal theft, the Post Office recommends locking mail boxes.

utilities - Water and Sanitation
Bow Mar Water and Sanitation is responsible for water and sewer services within the Town. The website is

Emergencies: 303-979-2333
Billing: 303-795-2142



Bow Mar is dependent on volunteers. The Mayor and Board of Trustees are elected volunteers with a 2012 annual budget of $413,000. Almost 75% of the Town’s budget supports public safety (police) and public works (roads). Government relies on volunteer efforts of residents who form focused study groups for analysis, guidance and, when needed, mediation. For example, the Board of Adjustments, which decides issues of ordinance implementation or neighborly disagreements, is composed of volunteers selected by the Board of Trustees. Current Town issues include developing protocols to deal with homes that appear to be abandoned or in disrepair.

Numerous volunteer opportunities are available. The BMOI Board also are elected volunteers. Volunteers who form the ACC are selected for their knowledge of building and design and their feel for the community. Activities sponsored by BMOI ranging from Arts and Crafts at the Beach to the Winter Dance need volunteers. Don’t hold back – your creativity, skills, and expertise are welcome and needed. And, volunteering is a wonderful way to make your neighbors your friends. If you want to volunteer, ask your neighbor, ask your Mayor or Trustees, ask the BMOI Board how to help. All of Bow Mar will thank you and work with you.


weight limit
Our roads are not built for heavy trucks. The weight limit is 7,500 pounds GVW. See Building tab.

Winter Dance - see BMOI Activities tab


Yacht Club - see BMOI Activities tab

yard signs
Real estate signs, estate/garage sale signs, and political signs are restricted to one per lot. Signs should be small. Please be considerate of your neighbors, especially in this election year.