Live Friendly M-R


You need a mail box for Post Office business. The Post Office recommends locking boxes. It is unlawful to use the USPS mailbox for anyother materials. You also need a receptacle for non-postal materials such as the Bow Mar Bulletin and community communications.

Mary’s Meadow 
Mary’s Meadow, named for the late Mayor Mary Carter, is an open tract of about 40 acres. It was acquired from Denver after the City announced plans to build sludge ponds on the land. Voters approved a bond to purchase the land, and that bond will be retired in 2014. Mary’s Meadow lies in the City and County of Denver but belongs to the Town.

Monday Club
Bow Mar’s Monday Club is a service organization helping inside and outside the community. For example, the Monday Club makes sure you have a copy of the Bow Mar Bulletin around the first of every month. Club members can also volunteer for daily Meals-On-Wheels routes. 


911 calls
The Arapahoe County Sheriff takes emergency calls for the residential areas of Town – both in Arapahoe County and in Jefferson County. The best practice when calling 911 on a cell phone within Town is immediately to ask for the Arapahoe County Sheriff. However, to report an emergency in Mary’s Meadow, which is located in the City and County of Denver, ask to be connected to the Denver Police.

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch signs are posted throughout the Town. Please report crimes or suspicious activity to the police at 911 or 303-795-4711 (Dispatch and after hours). Good neighbors watch out for each other!

Bow Mar residents treasure their quiet. Please do all you can to minimize noise that impacts neighbors:

  • control barking dogs
  • keep party noise down
  • adhere to stated construction hours for outdoor projects
  • follow the same construction hours for lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment

noxious weeds
The State of Colorado maintains a Noxious Weed Management Program to eradicate or control certain invasive species, some of which thrive in Bow Mar. Please do your part to eliminate these plants. See for information and images.



Parking is not permitted on any street. When using the beach, please park in the lot. Our police officers do not issue warning tickets for parking – a parking ticket means a fine.