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Garden Clubs 
Bow Mar hosts two garden clubs: Bow Mar Gardeners (membership 303-703-8398) and Lakes O’ Bow Mar Garden Club (membership 303-797-0921). The clubs host events for the community, support activities that foster good relationships between neighbors, and support families in our larger local community.

gate keys
Please have your gate key to the parking lot ready when you drive to the beach. The lifeguards are not supposed to open the gate for anyone, so please don’t ask them. And, remember, if you park on the street, you may receive a parking ticket.

golf carts
Many residents use golf carts to get around town. Unless you live on the following streets, golf carts cannot be operated on Sheridan Blvd, Bow Mar Dr from Homestead to Berry Ave, and Prospect from Belleview to Bow Mar Dr. You must have a valid driver’s license or a minor’s driver’s license to operate a golf cart, so you must be at least 16 years old. See Ordinance No. 250 for additional detail. And, of course, all vehicles including golf carts must obey all rules of the road. The use of golf carts on roads outside of Bow Mar is prohibited by Colorado law.


ice skating - see BMOI tab

the Isthmus
Part of Bow Mar lies across the lake on the Isthmus. Most homes here enjoy a waterfront setting. 


Jefferson County
About a third of Bow Mar, the area west of Sheridan Blvd, lies in Jefferson County.


landscaping and lawns
Bow Mar’s lush setting is a major draw. Please take pride in our Town by keeping a neat yard. Those fast-growing weeds attest to the productivity of our dirt, even when more desirable plants struggle. Pull the weeds, cut the lawn, trim the trees, and corral any trash that blows your way! Ask your neighbors for landscaping, lawn, sprinkler, and tree service recommendations. Nearby garden centers are helpful resources for lawn maintenance and successful plants. Major landscaping projects require ACC approval.

Outdoor lighting should comply with the City of Littleton’s Outdoor Lighting Ordinance 
( Some important restrictions are:

  •  maximum of 6,000 lumens per lot
  •  any bulb of 2,000 lumens or more must be fully shielded so that all light is directed downward
  •  flood and spot lamps emitting 2,000 lumens or less and used to illuminate the ground must be pointed 45 degrees or less from the vertical surface they are mounted on.

Cattle and horses are permitted on lots of 15 acres or larger at a density of 1 animal per 5 acres. For details, see Ordinance No. 272.