Live Friendly C-F


Under certain circumstances, a family may keep up to 3 hens for egg production. See Ordinance No. 268.

construction hours
To minimize disturbing your neighbors, please limit outdoor construction to 7am and 7pm, Monday through Friday and 8am to 5pm, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. It’s a good idea to limit lawn mowers to these times.

the Cove
Several Bow Mar homes are located adjacent to Bow Mar South, a subdivision of the City of Littleton.


Design Review Board - see the Building tab

Your dogs must be under your control at all times. Please do not allow your dogs to wander unattended. When you walk your dogs, take a bag to pick up those solid deposits they leave. And, please take those bags to your own trash can – don’t leave them on the street or on your neighbor’s lawn! Please do not allow your dogs to disturb your neighbors by continuous barking. Bow Mar does not require licensing of your pets. Please keep your animals vaccinated as required by Colorado law. Dogs are not allowed at the main beach and picnic area. Bow Mar has a dog beach where canines and owners can enjoy the water.

Our roads depend on proper storm water drainage. If water accumulates in adjacent yards, moisture is likely to seep under the roadbed to the subsurface where it accumulates and causes cracking. Existing cracks are funnels for additional damaging water to accumulate in the road subsurface.

Bow Mar uses a system of ditches and culverts to carry storm water away from our roads. You are responsible for keeping ditches and culverts along your property open and flowing. Culverts and ditches occasionally fill with landscaping rocks and bark, which tend to clog the system. Grass is preferred. Please be careful about excessive watering of the parts of your yard that border the road.  



easements and rights-of-way
Easements and rights-of-way are reserved by the Town for utilities and are measured from the center of the roads. Width varies throughout Town; some rights-of-way are 60 feet. Homeowners are responsible for upkeep of their easement.  



The Design Review Board (DRB) approves fences. See their guidelines. Generally, fences should be installed to maintain views and an open feeling.


The lake is open to BMOI members for fishing. A fishing license is not required. Please be familiar with the daily catch limits, promptly return large mouth bass, grass carp (which eat the milfoil, a noxious aquatic weed), walleyes, and wipers to the lake, and properly dispose of carp and pike – see BMOI tab.