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Bow Mar is a friendly, small town of about 300 families who depend on cooperation among residents, consideration of neighbors...and a strong spirit of volunteerism.

Residents take pride in their attractive homes and large lots. The Town is concerned when homes are in disrepair or landscaping needs attention. Click here for a quick checklist guide to requirements for grounds and landscaping, general maintenance, and general upkeep.



ACC - Architectural Control Committee - see BMOI tab

animals - wild
Bow Mar is home to a variety of wild animals. Please do not feed them or harass them in any way. In addition to numerous species of small birds, raptors, and common urban animals, you will often see:

bats – summer visitors

Canada geese – all waterfowl are protected under Colorado law, please do not harass our geese

coyotes – there are several coyote dens along the lake; these animals have adapted well to semi-rural and urban areas throughout the West. Coyotes have become accustomed to us and have killed several pets in Town 

ducks – protected under Colorado law, please do not feed them or harass them

fish – including black crappie, bluegill, carp, channel catfish, grass carp, large mouth bass, northern pike, perch, sand carp, walleye, wipers

foxes – also well adapted to our towns and cities

rabbits – too numerous to count, our rabbit population feeds the coyotes and foxes. As at DIA where  travelers in long-term parking often return to car problems, our Bow Mar rabbits like to nibble automobile wiring – so don’t leave your car parked outside too long!

raccoons – carriers of canine distemper: be sure your dogs are protected

skunks – increasingly of interest to wildlife biologists due to the rabies outbreak in Larimer County. If rabies takes  hold in the skunk population, eradication is almost impossible

snakes – including nonvenomous garter, racer, and bull or gopher snakes

Occasionally, more exotic native animals wander into Bow Mar and nearby neighborhoods. Deer are reported every year. Elk are also seen. Bears have been seen in adjacent neighborhoods, including one in 2012. A mountain lion was found nearby in 2009. Do not inadvertently attract wild animals by providing a food source in your yard, such as trash, dog food, fallen fruit, and/or leaving small pets outside.

If you see these or other uncommon wild animals, please call the Colorado Division of Wildlife at 303-291-7227 and the Bow Mar Police at 303-795-4711. After hours, please call the State Patrol at 303-239-4500. If you are threatened, call 911.

Arapahoe County
The majority of Bow Mar, the area east of Sheridan Blvd, lies in Arapahoe County.



beach access – see BMOI tab

beach clean-up

Spring Beach Clean-up usually is scheduled for the first Saturday in May. Residents are invited to show their spirit of community and show off their maintenance and clean-up skills. Teams are sent to all corners of Town with specific tasks. You'll see very young volunteers weeding and painting. You'll see octogenarians working with young families. Beach Clean-Up has become one of the most popular social events of the year and a grand community launch of the beach season. Lunch is prepared and served by volunteers, especially the Bow Mar Gardeners and Lakes of Bow Mar Garden Club. A Fall Beach Clean-up also is scheduled.

Black Outs – see BMOI tab

BMOI - Bow Mar Owners, Inc.

boats, boating, marina – see BMOI tab

Bow Mar Bulletin 
Published monthly by BMOI, the Bulletin provides information on events around Town and is a great way for kids to find odd jobs and promote their skills!

Bowles Lake
Our Bow Mar Lake is officially named Bowles Lake. The lake is the centerpiece of the Town with year-round recreation including swimming, sailing, fishing, and skating.

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