Design Review Board Guidelines

Please Note*** These guidelines will add language regarding driveways and culverts in the near future so be sure to review them often!!

It is important to review all procedures and policies regarding work you wish to complete on your property.  The Design Review Board is Step 1 in the process outlined on the Building Procedures page.  It is important to note that all steps in the procedures need to be followed and a full review the Town Code and Desgin Guidelines is essential for compliance. 

Step 1: Approval is required from the Design Review Board. 

Once the application is complete, submit the necessary paperwork as outlined on the application.  Applications MUST be completed, in full, or they may not be considered by the DRB. 

Applications are now reflective of the work to be done on your property.  Please be sure to review the list and submit the appropriate application.

Design Review Board Application for New Home Construction

Design Review Board Application for a Remodel of Existing Structure

Design Review Board Application for an Addition to Existing Structure

Design Review Board Application for General Property Changes

Design Review Board Application for Landscaping Changes


Example for Application for an Addition to Existing Structure


DRB Meetings

The DRB meets the second Tuesday of each month. A completed Application as listed below must be submitted to the Town no later than the 24th day of the month preceding the monthly meeting at which the application is to be examined. The homeowner MUST be present at the DRB meeting for the project to be discussed.

Application Required Documentation (submitted via email)  These are all outlined on the Design Review Board Application page.

1. Application (please choose the appropriate application and follow any instructions accordingly)

2. Plot Plan Drawing

3. Floor Plan(s) 

4. Roof Plan Drawing 

5. Exterior Elevation Drawings 

6. Exterior Color(s) descriptions or samples


DRB approval is valid for 180 days.

If construction has not commenced within this period,

plans must be resubmitted to DRB for approval.