Building Procedures

The process for Design Review and Permits is outlined below.  This is a 2-step process for which the Design Review Board (DRB) is first and the building permit is second. 

Step 1 – DRB Review

Approval is required from the Design Review Board. 

See below for details on necessary procedures, required materials, and other important information. 

The Design Guidelines state: “No building, fence, wall, or other structure shall be commenced, erected, maintained, or altered on the Property, or any portion thereof, until the building plans, specifications, and plot plan, including without limitation all shrubs and trees, have been approved in writing . . . .” The DRB reviews each project for aesthetic harmony, exterior materials and colors, and evaluates conformance to setback, height, and lot coverage. Due to varying site characteristics, each Application is reviewed solely on its own merit, independent from prior submittals. In cases where a variance is sought, the DRB may take recommendations to the Town of Bow Mar Board of Adjustment regarding any aesthetic harmony justification for the variance.

DRB Meetings

The DRB meets the second Tuesday of each month. A completed Application as listed below must be submitted to the Town no later than the 24th day of the month preceding the monthly meeting at which the application is to be examined. The homeowner MUST be present at the DRB meeting for the project to be discussed.

Application Required Documentation (submitted via email)

1. Design Review Guidelines and Design Review Board Applications are available on the Design Review Application page as well as from the Town via email.

2. Plot Plan Drawing, to scale, showing the proposed structure and/or modifications as it a relates to the existing structure and its position on the property with exact dimensions including property lines, setback lines, existing and proposed lot contours and surface runoff flow plus relevant elevations of the structures and the lot. A registered survey is necessary for new construction and helpful for additions to prevent erroneous or estimated property boundaries.

Distances from new structures and additions to the property lines and setback lines must be shown. Any building, structures, or other improvements to be constructed in the 40-foot front, sides, or rear setback areas may require a variance from the Town of Bow Mar.

3. Floor Plan(s) Drawings to scale showing existing and proposed construction and associated floor area totals.

4. Roof Plan Drawing indicating existing and proposed construction.

5. Exterior Elevation Drawings of the four side views indicating to scale existing and proposed construction, materials, colors, and elevation of roof ridge in relation to the highest approved ground point located on the front setback line of the property between the property’s side lot lines. The top of roof height limit is 16 feet above this point for all properties except those on the isthmus, where it is 18 feet.

6. Exterior Color(s) descriptions or samples. It is suggested that prior to extensive design effort and formal submittal, applicants consider attending an ACC meeting to provide ACC with preliminary conceptual drawings or sketches.


DRB approval is valid for 180 days.

If construction has not commenced within this period,

plans must be resubmitted to DRB for approval.



Step 2 – Building Permit

Step 2 is the issuance of the appropriate building permit by the Town.  It is important to note that the day-to-day administration of the Town of Bow Mar Building Department is handled by the office at Columbine Valley Town Hall:  All Building Plans, Building Permits, and contractor licensing will be administered through this office.

            2 Middlefield Road

            Columbine Valley, CO 80123

            Phone: 303-795-2063

            Hours: 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday


Building Permit Application with Plan Review. 

Upon DRB approval (if needed), Construction Plans and Specifications are submitted to the Town of Bow Mar Building Department for Building Permit(s).  

This involves “Plan Review” to assure conformance to applicable building codes. A “Plan Review” checklist is available on each application form.

Each contractor working in the Town of Bow Mar must obtain a Contractor License as well as the necessary permit.

Building Permit / Contracting Lisence

Following are the list of each permit type you may need:

If demolition of an existing structure is planned, a Demolition Permit Application is required. Click here for Demolition Permit Application.

The Non-Structural Building Application form is needed for interior modifications that do not require a plan review, such as water heater replacement, furnaces, changes in electrical service and/or gas lines as well as some exterior projects such as fences, fireplaces, air conditioning units, sheds, stucco installation, and windows – please contact the Bow Mar Building Department at 303-795-2063 with your questions.

When a new roof or roof repairs are necessary, please submit the Roofing Permit Application.Click here for Roofing Permit Application.

The Roofing Permit Application is needed for roofing projects that do not require structural changes. If your project includes structural changes to your roof, please submit the Building Permit Application with Plan Review form.

Required Documentation

1. Two (2) sets of Construction Drawings including

  • Landscape/Civil drawings

  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing drawings

  • Structural drawings, that latter stamped by a professional engineer with current State  of Colorado licensure.

2. Soils test report.

3. Asbestos report, if applicable

4. A check for the permit made payable to “Town of Bow Mar.” This check needs to be submitted with the 2 sets of construction plans. Contact the Building Department who will determine the amount of the permit check, which will be based on the value of the project.

Important Notes:

Periodic Inspections are made by the Building Inspector during construction to assure compliance both with ACC’s approved plans and with applicable building codes and Town of Bow Mar ordinances.


One set of plans for each ongoing project will be retained at the Bow Mar Building Department office.


Jane Carlson, Building Commissioner, 303-795-2002 or, is available to answer general project questions. Terry Weis, Bow Mar Building Inspector, 303-522-3331 reviews all plans and conducts all inspections.


Building Permits are valid for 360 days.

If construction is not complete within this period,

the Building Commissioner may assess monetary penalties.