Traffic & Parking

Overnight Parking

The Town of Blue River does not allow any on-street or Town Right-of-Way parking at any time.  During the winter months, November 1 thru April 30, it is extremely critical for snowplowing crews to safely remove snow from the Town roads.  Vehicles violating these regulations will be towed and/or ticketed.  

Abandoned Vehicles

Call the Summit County Communications Center at 970-668-8600 if the vehicle is parked on a Town of Blue River road to report an abandoned vehicle.  Abandonment of a motor vehicle is defined as follows in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

18-4-512 Abandonment of a Motor Vehicle

Statute Text

Any person who abandons any motor vehicle upon a street, highway, right-of-way, or any other public property, or upon ay private property without the express consent of the owner or person in lawful charge of that private property commits abandonment of a motor vehicle.

To "abandon" means to leave a thing with the intention not to retain possession of or assert ownership over it.  The intent need not coincide with the act of leaving.  If is prima facie evidence of the necessary intent that:  The motor vehicle has been left for more than seven days unattended or unmoved; or license plates or other identifying marks have been removed from the motor vehicle; or the motor vehicle has been damaged or is deteriorated so extensively that it has value only for junk or salvage; or the owner has been notified by a law enforcement agency to remove the motor vehicle, and it has not been removed within three days after notification.

Abandonment of a motor vehicle is a class 3 misdemeanor.  Source: L.71: R&RE, p.432, § 1. C.R.S. 1963: § 40-4-512.

If your vehicle was towed by the Blue River Police Department, please call 970-485-0105 for information on where it will be located.