Use by property owners. Use of the Tarn shall be limited to property owners with proper identification, except for duly authorized guests or tenants as further outlined below. Parents and/or children and their respective spouses and/or grandchildren of property owners residing full time on the property shall enjoy the same Tarn recreational rights as owners, excluding guest privileges.

Boat use.

(1)  Boats without identification decals shall not be permitted on the Tarn.

(2)  To ascertain that boats used on the Tarn belong to property owners, identification decals will be issued only upon receipt of an adequate description of the boat and a statement of its size and power. The boat registration fees charged to bona fide residents of the Town for use of the Tarn are hereby set at twenty dollars ($20.00) per year.

(3)  All boats shall be subject to an annual personal safety inspection and shall be approved by the Lake Patrol Officer or Town Marshal before any boat shall receive its decal or be placed upon the Tarn. A fee will be charged for said decal.

(4)  Boats placed in the Tarn shall be limited in power to the use of an electric motor to be used solely for the purpose of trolling. No internal combustion engines shall be allowed in order to limit boat size, speed of crafts and environmental damage to the Tarn by such engines.

(5)  Boats shall not be stored overnight at the Tarn.

(6)  Personal watercraft of all kinds, including sailboards and paddle boards, are permitted on the Tarn, provided that identification decals have been affixed to them.

(e)  Issuance of boat decals. The issuance of boat decals and any other identification required by this Chapter shall be by the Lake Patrol Officer or the Town Clerk, who have been authorized and so designated by the Board of Trustees.