Business License

Any person who engages in or carries on a business within the Town limits of the Town of Blue River must first obtain a business license.  The annual fee for a business license is $50.00.  To get a Business License Application, please click on the link below.  Applications may also be filled out online by selecting the Citizen Services link on the home page.  Applications will not be considered complete until payment is received at Town Hall.


Sales Tax-    8.875%

All businesses that sell retail merchandise or provide taxable services are required to obtain a State of Colorado sales tax license and a Town of Blue River business license.  Sales of tangible personal property for delivery to a destination within the Town limits by the vendor or an agent for the vendor are also taxable irrespective of the physical location of the vendor’s place of business.  The Colorado Department of Revenue collects the sales tax on behalf of the Town of Blue River.  Information on registering with the State of Colorado can be found at Use the Colorado Business Registration Form CR100 at the Colorado Business Express website.


Retail sales inside the Town limits are taxed at a rate of 8.875%, comprised of:
Colorado State tax 2.90%

Summit County tax 2.00%
Summit County Transit tax 0.75%
Town of Blue River tax 2.50%
Summit Housing tax 0.725%


Lodging Tax-12.275% 

Homeowners who wish to short term rent (less than 30 days) their home or condo must collect a 3.4% lodging tax in addition to the 8.875% sales tax on the entire amount charged to any person or persons for lodging services.  They must also complete a Lodging Tax Registration form and pay a Lodging Tax Registration fee.  They do not need to also obtain a Town of Blue River Business License.  The Lodging Tax Registration fee is $200 the first year and $75 for subsequent years.The 3.4% lodging tax is remitted directly to the Town of Blue River. Coupon booklets are sent after registration or renewal of registration. The Lodging Tax Return  must be filed regardless of whether any income was generated and remittance forms are due by the 20th of the month following the end of the reporting period.  If you do not have a coupon booklet, please use the Lodging Tax Coupon .pdf below.  To file a Zero Tax File email

If you rent your home through Airbnb, please note they should be paying teh 8.875% directly to the State.  Homeowners are required to send the additional 3.4% directly to the Town of Blue River.