Goose Pasture Tarn

Sec. 11-3-10. Defined.

(a)    Goose Pasture Tarn, hereinafter referred to as "the Tarn," located within the Town, is a private lake within the Town of Blue River and available for use only to property owners of the Town. Use of the Tarn shall be limited to such uses and subject to such restrictions as further set forth below.  The land around the Tarn is not owned by the Town and is private property.  The water and dam are owned by the Town of Breckenridge.

Sec. 11-3-20. State laws adopted.

All state laws and rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Fish, Game and Parks shall apply to fishing, boating and sailing on the Tarn, and the same are hereby adopted into this Chapter by reference as they are presently enacted and hereafter amended. For these purposes, a violation of any such state law shall be deemed a violation of this Chapter and subject to enforcement by any person authorized to enforce this Chapter. Any conflict between this Chapter and any state law or regulation shall be resolved in favor of that provision or law which is more restrictive of the conduct to be controlled.

(Prior code 4-3-2)

Sec. 11-3-30. Use restrictions; identification.

(a)    Use by property owners. Use of the Tarn shall be limited to property owners with proper identification, except for duly authorized guests or tenants as further outlined below. Parents and/or children and their respective spouses and/or grandchildren of property owners residing full time on the property shall enjoy the same Tarn recreational rights as owners, excluding guest privileges.

(b)   Use by guests:

(1)    Guests of owners may use the Tarn only when accompanied by the owner.

(2)    Owners shall be held responsible for all actions of their guests and for any violations of this Chapter as if such violation had actually been committed by the owner himself or herself.

(c)    Use by tenants.

(1)    Tenants of owners shall generally have no privileges on the Tarn, except as otherwise provided herein.

(2)    Tenant is defined as a party leasing a Town property for a period of sixty (60) consecutive days or longer. A tenant may have recreational rights on the Tarn, provided that the property owner assigns the rights at the time the lease is executed. The Town shall provide appropriate forms for registration of such assignments and will maintain a file of tenants with assigned rights for enforcement purposes.

Sec. 11-3-40. Rules and regulations for the Tarn.

(a)    Spillway area. Fishing or trespassing within forty-five (45) feet of the improved concrete portion of the spillway of the Tarn is absolutely prohibited and unlawful. Violation of this Subsection shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for each offense.

(b)   Ice fishing. Ice fishing by owners, guests and tenants shall be permitted on the Tarn as provided in Subsections 11-3-30(a), (b) and (c).

(c)    Snowmobiles, cross-country skiing, etc. Snowmobiles or other snow or all-terrain vehicles and cross-country skiing are strictly forbidden on the Tarn.

(d)   Open fires1. Open fires are prohibited at all times and in all areas adjacent to the Tarn.

(e)    Animals. Dogs and all other pets and animals shall not be required to be under control by a tether or leash but shall be under voice control in all areas on and adjacent to the Tarn.

(f)    Hunting prohibited. Hunting of any kind is prohibited on the Tarn and any surrounding lands owned by the Town or the Town of Breckenridge.

(g)   Water recreation. Bathing is prohibited on the Tarn.

(h)    Commercial use. Any use of the Tarn for commercial purposes is prohibited.

(i)     Limit on fish. The daily bag limit is three (3) fish, of which only one (1) may exceed twenty (20) inches in length. The daily possession limit is three (3) fish.

(j)     Limit on hooks. Only single-bait hooks, single-hook flies and single-hook lures may be used for fishing in the Tarn.

(k)    Overnight parking, between one-half (½) hour after sunset and one-half (½) hour before sunrise, is prohibited.

(l)     Glass containers in the Tarn area are prohibited.

(m)   Littering of the Tarn area by the depositing of paper or plastic products, wood, leftover food, clothing, fishing gear, fish, junk or trash of any kind is prohibited, and "pack-it-in and pack-it-out" is required.

(n)    Boat docks. Licensing of the construction of boat docks shall be permitted by a licensing agreement which shall incorporate the Rules and Regulations for Boat Docks established by Resolution No. 13-05, adopted July 16, 2013, as from time to time amended.

(Prior code 4-3-4; Ord. 05-07 §1, 2005; Ord. 05-10 §1; Ord. 11-08 §§3, 4, 2011; Ord. 13-06 §§1, 2, 2013; Ord. 13-07 §2, 2013) 


The water, land underneath and the dam at the Goose Pasture Tarn is owned by the Town of Breckenridge.  The land around the Tarn is privately owned and the residents of the Town of Blue River have the recreational rights to use the Tarn.  In 2016, the Town of Breckenridge conducted minor repairs on the dam.  In their findings with engineers, it was found that more extensive repairs are needed.  The water levels have been dropped to ease the pressure on the dam and will remain low until the full repairs can be conducted. 

In the spring of 2018, the Town of Breckenridge will begin work on a second water treatment plant on the north end of Breckenridge.  It is estimated that this will be a two year project.  Once complete, work on the Tarn Spillway/Dam will commence.  It is estimated that it will take two years and $30 million to conduct all the necessary repairs on the dam.  In the meantime, water levels will remain below average.  Use of the Tarn is still allowed and there are plenty of fish to be had both summer and winter.  Stay tuned for updates in our newsletters.