The Town is making progress on the Capital Improvement Plan - there have been several meetings with the Blue River Trustees, the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Citizen Advisory Committee as well as a public Open House. There was also an online survey conducted in October 2017 with 138 responses from the residents. A Blue River map showing potential project ideas that came out of the resident responses is available on the website.

With the first Open House and survey, the Town received great general feedback on potential projects. In February, there will be another Open House to build on that feedback as well as provide an opportunity for residents to offer new suggestions. This time, the Town is diving a little more into the details: asking for specific locations, specific issues, and specific ideas for projects that residents feel should be considered in the Capital Improvement Plan.

If you are unable to attend, there is still an opportunity to provide your feedback to the planning group! Please take time to review the attached potential project map and answer the questions below. These questions match what will be asked of residents who are able attend the Open House. 

Thank you in advance for providing your feedback. The Town’s goal is to create a refined list of projects that accurately addresses the needs of the Town as identified by the planning group and the community. This is not a final project list, but rather a list of projects that will be reviewed using the Capital improvement Plan Evaluation Criteria.

Thank you again for your input and participation!

The map is available on the documents tab for better viewing


The Survey is now closed.  If you have questions, or comments about the Capital Improvement Plan, please email Michelle Eddy, Town Administrator/Clerk at

Thank you!