Commendations & Complaints

Commendations & Complaints

How can I commend a police employee for a job well done? How can I report a police employee for what I think is misconduct?

The Blue River Police Department often receives commendations from citizens regarding police employee conduct. Such comments are always welcome. It is also the department’s policy to investigate and resolve all citizen complaints and allegations of misconduct against department employees.

The Town of Blue River considers a complaint from the community to be:

• An allegation from any source of circumstance(s) of a specific act, or omission, by a department employee which, if later proven to be true, would be misconduct and normally subject the employee to counseling, sanction or discipline, or 
• A citizen’s expression of dissatisfaction with an agency policy, procedure, philosophy, service level or legal standard of the agency.

These complaints can come from:

• The aggrieved person 
• A third party with specific knowledge about the incident 
• An anonymous source 
• A governmental agency 
• The news media 
• An agency or agency employee

While the Town of Blue River will investigate complaints from an anonymous source, it should be noted that we prefer that you provide us with your identity. Anonymous reports are investigated only to the extent which the information allows.

The Town of Blue River does not consider a disagreement over the elements of a traffic citation or parking citation to be a complaint. Any disagreements with a citation is best resolved by the courts as a neutral fact finder. Please note that current criminal or traffic charges pending will not be affected by filing a complaint.

Commendations may be given or complaints filed in person, by phone (970-547-0545) or email to: during normal business hours Tuesday-Friday (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.