Building Permits

Submittal Requirements


Planning & Zoning Review

  • A $50.00 Application Fee is required for all projects requiring Planning & Zoning Commission approval.
  • All electrical, plumbing and mechanical work requires a separate permit which must be obtained before work is commenced.
  • Current property survey or I.L.C showing the footprint of the structure. 
  • Topographic survey, wetlands delineation and/or soils report is required
  • Plot plan (may be included on survey or I.L.C.)
  • Two (2) Sets Architectural Drawings
    • Drawings must show setbacks & easements with distances from eave drip line to setbacks/easements shown (25’ front & rear; 15’ sides); snow storage, driveways, landscaping, any trees to be removed, wetland delineation (if applicable), well, septic, future garage (if applicable), and placement of structure.
    • Drawings shall include construction plans with elevations and exterior finishes.
    • Indicate drainage for project, driveway and junction of driveway with Town road.  Culverts and surface water must be addressed.  Ditch(s) and culvert(s) must be defined and a minimum of one (1) load (10-12 tons) of road base, adjacent to the property may be required.
  • Materials Board or Sheet displaying materials to be used.  In cases of additions, if matching existing, photos of current home.
  • Where applicable, letter with Subdivision HOA (Homeowner Association) approval.


Required BEFORE Permit Is Issued:

  • All of the above mentioned. 
  • Additional requirements:
    • Construction Management Plan.  Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines for all requirements.
    • Current Summit County Septic System Permit (including system plot plan), or evidence of full payment of tap fees to Upper Blue Sanitary District.
    • Current Colorado Well Permit or evidence of full payment of tap fees to Timber Creek Water District.
    • Current Colorado Department of Transportation Highway Access Permit, if access to Highway 9 is required.
    • Two (2) Sets STAMPED structural drawings bearing Colorado Engineer’s or Architect’s stamp.
    • Designation of General Contractor, except for bona fide homeowner contractor.
    • For Manufactured Homes the following additional information is required:
      • State of Colorado Division of Housing Approved Plans.
      • State of Colorado Division of Housing Registered Installer Certificate.