Blue River Citizen Advisory Committee

Members: Shanan Cox; Kelly Finley; Leah Lentz; Devon O'Neil; Justin Parks; Bruce Queen; David Redpath; 

Membership Requirements:

  • Appointments to Citizen Advisory Committees will only be made by the Board of Trustees.
  • Committees shall consist of nine members.  In cases where nine members are not available, the committee shall consist of an agreed upon odd number of members.

Time Frame:

  • The Advisory Committee’s term will be for one year from the date of appointment.  The Advisory Committee is required to meet on a bi-annual basis but may conduct additional meetings based on need for the assigned project.

Scope and Role of the Project:

  • The Committee will look, review, read and provide input based on the established work plan.
  • Vision will be defined by the Town of Blue River’s Mission/Vision Statement.
  • Committee priorities will be established.
  • Strategies will be recommended.
  • Thoughtful and constructive evaluation will take place.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • No financial commitments will be made by the Advisory Committee
  • Members may not be added to the Committee without the Trustees approval.
  • Members of the Committee may not expand the mission of the group without the permission of the Trustees.
  • The Committee must stay within the scope of the project.
  • The Committee may not engage in Town staff outside the Committee activities.
  • The Committee will direct all media inquiries to the Town Administrator.
  • Committee members may draw administrative and technical support from appointed Town staff members.
  • Members appointed to a Committee may not sit on more than one active Advisory Committee at a time.
  • Committee meetings are restricted to Committee members, staff and invited guests only, unless otherwise required to be posted as an open meeting.