Blue River Citizen Advisory Committee

Members: Shanan Cox; Kelly Finley; Leah Lentz; Devon O'Neil; Justin Parks; Bruce Queen; Martie Semmer 

The Blue River Citizen Advisory Committee will be the liaison between the Town of Blue River residents and the Town Trustees to develop; improve and elongate the quality of life and prosperity of Blue River.​

Blue River Community Fund

With direction from the Blue River Board of Trustees, the Citizen Advisory Committee is in the process of developing a Community Fund.  The Fund has been established to provide resources to organizations directly impacting and benefiting the residents and community of the Town of Blue River.  Applications will be received once a year for funding in the following year.  Applications are currently being accepted through May 31, 2018.

See below for an application and guidelines.

Blue River Citizen Advisory Committee

Membership Requirements:

  • Appointments to Citizen Advisory Committees will only be made by the Board of Trustees.
  • Committees shall consist of nine members.  In cases where nine members are not available, the committee shall consist of an agreed upon odd number of members.

Time Frame:

  • The Advisory Committee’s term will be for one year from the date of appointment.  The Advisory Committee is required to meet on a bi-annual basis but may conduct additional meetings based on need for the assigned project.

Scope and Role of the Project:

  • The Committee will look, review, read and provide input based on the established work plan.
  • Vision will be defined by the Town of Blue River’s Mission/Vision Statement.
  • Committee priorities will be established.
  • Strategies will be recommended.
  • Thoughtful and constructive evaluation will take place.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • No financial commitments will be made by the Advisory Committee
  • Members may not be added to the Committee without the Trustees approval.
  • Members of the Committee may not expand the mission of the group without the permission of the Trustees.
  • The Committee must stay within the scope of the project.
  • The Committee may not engage in Town staff outside the Committee activities.
  • The Committee will direct all media inquiries to the Town Administrator.
  • Committee members may draw administrative and technical support from appointed Town staff members.
  • Members appointed to a Committee may not sit on more than one active Advisory Committee at a time.
  • Committee meetings are restricted to Committee members, staff and invited guests only, unless otherwise required to be posted as an open meeting.