Advisement of Rights

You Have the Following Rights:

  1. To be represented by counsel,  and if indigent, the right to appoint counsel as applicable;
  2. To have a full explanation of the nature of the charges against you.  If you do not understand what you are charged with, ask the judge;
  3. To be presumed innocent of the charges, and if you plead not guilty, the prosecution must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt;
  4. To plead “Guilty,” or “No Contest;”
  5. To make no statement, but that any statement made can and may be used against you;
  6. To compel the attendance of witnesses on your behalf by subpoenas, issued by the court, without expense to you;
  7. To confront witnesses called to testify against you and to cross examine those witnesses;
  8. To a list of prosecution witnesses prior to the time of trial;
  9. To testify or not testify on your own behalf.  Your silence does not imply any wrong doing on your part and cannot be used against you;
  10. To appeal any judgment within 30 days after the judgment is entered, to the district and appellate court of Colorado, however, if you plead guilty you waive your right to appeal;
  11. To a continuance of this arraignment to hire an attorney to represent you or for some other good reason.

If you have any questions about these rights, ask the judge.

Possible Penalties: The maximum penalty that can be imposed for a non-criminal traffic violation is a fine up to $2,700.  The maximum penalty for all other charges is a fine up to $2,700. A juvenile at the time of the violation cannot be incarcerated.