Town Budget

What is the Budget?

The budget is the financial plan for the Town of Bennett. It details planned operating and capital expenditures. The budget document includes the appropriated/proposed expenditures for a given year and the projected means of funding them. In addition, a long-range financial plan is developed using the prior year budget as the starting point.

The budget document serves as a policy instrument, financial planning tool, an operations guide, and a communications device.

Download the 2018 Budget - PDF 

The Budget Calendar for the Town of Bennett is as follows:

  • August - September: Staff develops department budgets and are reviewed by the Town Treasurer and Administrator
  • October - November: Budget and Finance Committee meets and forwards recommendations to the Town Board for review
  • December: A public hearing is held to appropriate and adopted the annual budget
  • January of the following year: The adopted Budget is published and submitted to the State of Colorado

Past Year's Budgets: 

2018 Antelope Hills GID Budget Message