Street Improvement Plan

Project Background Information

What is the Street Improvement Plan?

The Street Improvement Plan is a proposal by the Town of Bennett to enact a 1-percent sales tax dedicated to street improvements within town limits.  Currently, 88% of Bennett’s streets have surpassed their life expectancy. Only 2.19 miles of the streets in Bennett are in fair or good condition. The other 11.65 miles of streets are in poor condition.  View the Street Improvement Q&A.

What are the Current Conditions of Streets in Bennett?

Most of the streets in Bennett range from bad to worse; definitely not something you would want to boast about.  Your Town government is aware of this and over the last few months we've gone out and cataloged and compiled much of this data for you.  From Antelope Hills to Centennial and everywhere in between, one thing is certain; Bennett's roads need help, and lots of it.  Below you will find a link to an interactive map of Bennett featuring images of actual road damage on Town streets.  Each of these images has been geolocated to within a few meters of their actual location in the real world.  Please, take a moment and see for yourself the condition of our streets.  While you are certainly familiar with the streets near you, have a look at some of the other areas around Bennett.


Evaluating the Streets

One of the tools that can be useful in determining roadway health is the Pavement Surface Evaluation Rating (PASER) system.  This scale, developed by the University of Wisconsin - Madison, uses a 1-10 rating system.  PASER uses visual inspection to evaluate pavement surface conditions. When assessed correctly, PASER ratings provide a basis for comparing the quality of roadway segments.

View the PASER Manual (PDF - 1.6 MB)

Quality Rating Treatment (Asphalt) Treatment (Concrete)
Excellent 9-10 No maintenance required No maintenance required
Good 7-8 Crack sealing and minor patching Routine maintenance
Fair 5-6 Preservation treatments (non-structural) Surface repairs, partial-depth patching
Poor 3-4 Structural renewal (overlay) Extensive slab or joint rehabilitation
Failed 1-2 Reconstruction Reconstruction

Information & table courtesy of Wikipedia.