State of the Town

Every summer the Mayor of Bennett presents the State of the Town at the annual State of the Town Luncheon. This presentation captures a summary of all of the work accomplished in the past year as well as the plans for the Town in the near future.

The 2017 State of the Town will be held on July 21, 2017.

The 2016 State of the Town was held on July, 22nd at the Bennett Community Center.

This year at the State of the Town Mayor Royce Pindell took us on a road trip through the town's past up till the future. You can watch the mayor's full introduction here

One of the main focuses for the town this year is the Road Reconstruction Project. The town wants to make sure there are good roads to keep us moving and safe. Watch the Public Works Director, Daymon Johnson, explain the process on the project here. The town hopes to have over 13 miles of reconstructed roadways by the summer of 2017. This project represents a capital investment of 5.7 million taxpayer dollars, thanks to the 1 percent sales tax increase. This also provides the Town of Bennett with an ongoing revenue source for road maintenance in the future. 

This year the town is also building a new elevated water storage tank. To explain why a new tank is needed, watch the Town Administrator, Trish Stiles', video here. The design process for the new tank began in 2015 with FEI Engineers INC. and construction is expected to begin soon. The project will take the better part of a year. Most of the ground level work is scheduled for the fall of 2016 and the tank itself will be erected and welded into place in 2017. 

One important part of taking on these large improvement projects is making sure both residents and businesses stay informed. Economic Development Manager, Jose Rocha, explains why the businesses in the Town of Bennett are so important, watch here

State of the Town Photos