Snow Removal: How We Respond

Goals of the snow response plan include improving the safety and mobility of our transportation system by plowing city streets as efficiently as possible, keeping priority streets passable, and minimizing traffic disruption. Bennett’s main streets are highest priority, as they carry most of the Town’s traffic, as well as emergency vehicle and resident transportation.

Town of Bennett Public Works provides snow response services to most streets, utilizing a fleet of 2 large plows, 7 residential plows. Large plows are used around main roads, emergency facilities, senior assisted living facilities, water treatment facilities, schools and emergency response facilities. The residential plows are used on residential streets.

Town of Bennett uses solid deicers on its main streets as part of its snow response. The solid deicer, called Ice Slicer, is a naturally-mined product from Utah that is more than 90-percent chloride salts. Its red color comes from 60+ trace minerals also naturally found in the deicer. The product helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement and can serve to provide some traction on the roadways during snow events.

Read more about what to expect when it snows and about our snow removal procedures here.