Rabies Case Confirmed in Adams County, Town of Bennett Reminds Residents of Animal Safety

Recently, there was a confirmed case of a rabid skunk in Adams County. The Town of Bennett would like to take the opportunity to remind residents about the importance of protecting their pets from rabies exposure.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, there have been 23 animals testing positive for rabies in 2019. Of those, 17 rabid animals are known or strongly suspected of exposing domestic pets and livestock animals.

As a reminder, do not touch or approach wildlife. Vaccinating pets and livestock is the best protection from rabies exposure. If your pet is not vaccinated, please contact your vet. Bennett vet clinics, The Musketeers Veterinary Practice and Living Springs Veterinary Care both offer rabies vaccinations for animals. Please find their contact information.

When licensing a pet in the Town of Bennett, residents are required to have a current rabies vaccination certificate to validate the animal license.

If you have questions about animal control within town limits, please contact Animal Control Officer, J. Vincent at (303)644-3249 ext. 1015 or jvincent@bennett.co.us.

The Musketeers Veterinary Practice



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Living Springs Veterinary Care



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