A Message From Mayor Pindell: March 21, 2020

As this health crisis continues, we are watching what the health officials are recommending to slow the spread of COVID-19. The purpose of changing our lives this drastically is to slow this virus to keep the severe cases from overwhelming our hospital system. We are asking that you follow these recommendations.

Please continue social distancing, that is staying three to six feet from unfamiliar people and the gathering of ten or fewer people. We urge you to stay home except to get food and absolutely essential activities. If you can work from home, that will help greatly.  Please wash your hands more frequently, especially before touching your face.  Control your cough and sneezes, use a tissue, your arm or your elbow. Please clean surfaces that may be contaminated often. We are hoping that we will continue seeing slower increases in the hospitalized cases of COVID-19.

Thank you to our health care workers and everyone who have lent a helping hand to those who are most affected. I thank our stores for working hard to get their supplies replenished and, in some cases, limiting purchase amounts to give all of us a chance to find the necessities to endure this challenging time.

I thank our restaurant’s for staying open for takeout orders and some deliveries, they are greatly affected and will appreciate our support.

Please take a walk or a hike when the weather permits. We need sunshine and fresh air.

I would ask we help each other when we can.  There are resources becoming more available and we will put links to them up on our web site

This too, shall pass and while I cannot know how long this situation will last, I hope each of us will remain calm as we work through historic disruption to our daily lives.

Staying home now will save lives later,

Royce Pindell

Mayor of Bennett

Download the Mayor Pindell's Letter here