CDOT Community Feedback Survey

This month, CDOT launched a new statewide planning effort called Your Transportation Plan.

CDOT is bringing planning efforts together to create "Your Transportation Plan" that identifies a 10-year strategic pipeline of projects, inclusive of all modes, informed both by a data-driven needs assessment and public and stakeholder input.


This process builds on Colorado’s tradition of grassroots engagement to take a fresh look at our transportation investment priorities and ask people across Colorado what matters to their lives and what infrastructure can do to get them there. While this seems pretty simple, it's not always how transportation planning works.

It's easy to get caught in a maze of government programs and acronyms, and for plans to get siloed so we end up with separate plans for trains, planes, automobiles, bikes, pedestrians, freight, and more. People's lives aren't organized by categories like highway and transit funding, and neither should that be the way we talk about the challenges we face as communities. 

Importantly, this change in approach also means trying something different as CDOT thinks about paying for transportation, now and in the future. It means that instead of starting with the question "how do we pay for it?" we start with the question "what challenges do we face as a community and what infrastructure investments will help solve them?” Reframing the questions can help us prioritize our investments so that we maximize the impact of taxpayer dollars and deliver transportation projects that move people and goods safely and efficiently, throughout Colorado. I hope you will join CDOT this summer as we cross the state and host a series of discussions at county meetings, telephone town halls, through booths at community events, and online engagement.

Visit to give CDOT your feedback and learn when they will be coming to your part of the state.