New Waste Water Treatment Facility

Renderings of the new waste water treatment facility

The Town of Bennett is overjoyed to announce that they broke ground on the New Waste Water Treatment Facility on June 15, 2017. This is a true landmark date in the long history of Bennett's community, and reflects the culmination of a long, arduous effort by this community and its strong leadership team. This undertaking would be challenging even for much larger communities than Bennett, and is the direct result of significant hard work and unwavering commitment by a dedicated team, working together for the best future for this Town.

In 2014, the Town received a compliance schedule from the State of Colorado identifying the need for a fully functioning waste water treatment facility.  With an October 2019 deadline, the Town of Bennett quickly jumped into the planning, design and funding discussions for this new facility. 

Bennett is very fortunate to have many finance partners providing crucial funding agencies to utilize on this project. The engineering and design were paid 100% by grant funding from the Department of Local Affairs and the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority. In addition, the $6.5 million construction funding is accumulated by the award of $944,617 from the Department of Local Affairs Mineral Impact Grant, as well as reduced interest rate loans with the Colorado State Revolving Loan Funds.  This also includes a low interest rate loan under the state's Green Project Reserve Program for over half of the facility construction cost. This is due to the highly energy efficient technology that will be utilized at the facility.

The Town of Bennett also recieved approval from the State office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) to certify this project as an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project.  This will allow taxpayers to earn Colorado income tax credits for contributing to this project once certification of the contribution is approved.

We will be replacing the aerated lagoon wastewater plant with a state-of-the-art modern mechanical treatment facility. The plant replacement will allow the Town to meet the current requirements of their treated effluent discharge permit as well as anticipated future requirements thus protecting both public health and the environment. Furthermore, this new facility will replace the existing leaking lagoons system, improve efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs that exist today. And Finally, the new facility will also position the Town to reclaim and reuse precious water resources.