County Shared Services Center

logos of Adams County, Adams County Sheriff, Town of Bennett and the Department of Local AffairsCounty Shared Services Center

An Energy and Mineral Impact Grant was awarded to the Town of Bennett from the Department of Local Affairs​ (DOLA)​ in the amount of $95,500 to assist in the construction of the new County Shared Services Center.​

Th​e new facility provides necessary ​local services ​to the eastern I-70 corridor of Adams County, including an expanded ​M​otor ​V​ehicle Office, ​E​lections​ Office​, ​C​ounty ​T​reasurer​'​s Office, ​S​heriff​'​s Office, and ​County ​B​uilding ​O​fficial.

The new building is located at 355 S. 1st Street and is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.