The Town of Bayfield took over the Bayfield Sanitation District at the beginning of 2007; therefore, the Town now controls & maintains the Bayfield Wastewater system & the Gem Village Wastewater System.

The Town recently built a fully mechanical Wastewater Treatment Plant. This new plant treats approximately 600,000 gallons of sewage per day. The current Gem Village plant is being decommissioned and the Gem Village sewer has been piped to the new Bayfield plant.

Sewer Tap Price -
A Tap fee is assessed for any sewer connection made to any of the sewer lines or mains owned by the Town of Bayfield, Colorado. Tap fees are paid at the time of building permit for all new construction.

$6,000.00 + $50.00 inspection fee. Total Cost: $6,050.00

This price is for ALL new sewer taps purchased (including Gem Village).

Sewer Monthly Rate-

The monthly rate for all Sewer ERT's (Equivalent Residential Tap) is $49.74 Per Month. This fee is due by the 28th of each month.

A late fee of 5% per account shall be assessed on any bill which is not paid by the due date. Any bill which is carried for more than two consecutive billing cycles will receive a door tag as a reminder to pay by a certain date. If the bill is not paid by the date on the door tag, a lien will be placed on the property address. A $50.00 lien fee will be assessed on the account for the filing of the lien. The entire amounts due must be paid prior to relinquishment of the lien.