Bayfield Today

The Town of Bayfield experienced a significent population increase beginning in 2000. In 2001, the Town agreed to form a special improvement district to build a business park which has 38 commercial parcels on 56 acres. There are a number of substantial businesses located in this Business Park including: Lewis True Value, First National Bank of Durango, Mercy Medical and San Juan Regional Clinics, Alert Signs, the Pine River Library, Hongs Garden Grill, Family Dollar, & many other businesses.

Since 2000, the Town has also added several new residential subdivisions. The Dove Ranch Subdivision which is located on the north end of Town off of County Road 501 offers an array of different sized lots ranging from 4,000 square feet near County Road 501 to larger two acre lots farther up in the development. The final build out of this subdivision will be approximately 231 lots according to the Master Plan submitted by the developer.

The Mesa Meadows Subdivision is located across the street from the Bayfield Elementary School. It is comprised of 138 Single Family Residential Lots that are all approximately 10,000 square feet.

Fox Farm Village is a Planned Unit Development located off of Mars Avenue near the Bayfield Elementary School. It is an affordable housing subdivision and is platted for 50 Multi-Family Dwelling Units & 8 Fair Market Lots.

The Sunrise Estates Subdivision is located on the east end of Town. It is comprised of 52 lots and has both Single Family & Multi Family zoning.

The Cinnamon Heights Subdivision is a Planned Unit Development which is also located on the east end of Town behind the Shell Gas Station. This subdivision is platted for 49 Multi-Family Dwelling Units.

The Town’s population is approximately 2500 residents with 1000 rooftops currently being served by Town Utilities.