Official municipal law is enacted by the Town of Akron through the introduction and passage of ordinances. An ordinance serves as the most formal type of action a municipal governing body can take. Unless a special emergency exists, an ordinance is read at two regular meetings of the Town Council. The ordinance cannot go into effect until after a second reading and approval by Town Council. 

Ordinances will be codified within the Akron Municpal Code throughout the year. Below are the ordinances that have been recently read by the Akron Town Council and their status.  These ordinances have NOT been codified to the Akron Municipal Code.

Ordinance 561: 
Amend Animal Special Permit Application | Second Read 9/9/19

Ordinance 560: 
Westin Ridge Estate Disconnect | Approved 8/6/19

Ordinance 559: 
Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Program | Approved 6/3/19

Ordinance 558: 
Special Permit for Keeping Animals | Approved 5/6/19

Ordinance 557-Viaero:
Option Agreement for Permanent Easement | Approved 5/6/19

Ordinance 556: 
MIP for nicotine products | Approved 4/1/19

Ordinance 555: 
Smoke Free Parks | Approved 3/4/19


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