ISO Property Protection Class Rating

Timberline Fire Protection District (TFPD) was formed on April 1, 2011 when Colorado Sierra Fire Protection District was included into the High Country Fire Protection District. The current district coverage area is mountainous and includes both Gilpin and Boulder Counties. The department is a Combination Department consisting of a part-time paid Fire Chief, Full-Time Business Manager, Recruitment and Retention Director, Maintenance Technician and Training Coordinator. We are proud of our 60+ volunteer firefighters operating out of 10 stations. 

ISO Rating 
An ISO rating of 9 has been awarded for our service area.   ​

Validating Fire Department Coverage

Gilpin County

  1. Go to the Gilpin County Assessors website and select the Property Records Search link. Follow the “Enter EagleWeb” link to enter a property address.
  2. Once you have found the property record, locate the TAX AREA listing.
    1. The following Tax Areas receive fire protection: 
      1. 051 - TAX AREA 51-TIMBERLINE FD – 051
      2. 058 - TAX AREA 58-TIMBERLINE FD – 058
      3. 010 - TAX AREA 10-TIMBERLINE FD – 010 
      4. 025 - TAX AREA 25-TIMBERLINE FD – 025 

Boulder County

  1. Go to and search by last name
  2. Click on the correct property
  3. On the new page that opens click Mil Levy Breakdown under Account Links on the left side of the page

Including property into Timberline Fire Protection District 
Please contact our administration office at (303) 582-5768 to review our ability to provide coverage and to review the steps to include.  

Water Supply Questions 
Hydrants: within the district there are a few municipal hydrant locations. These serve primarily our Gilpin County facilities to include the School, Court House, Jail and Recreation/Community Center. 

Cisterns, dry hydrants and other water sources
Timberline Fire has invested heavily into state of the art Compressed Air Foam (CAFS) fire engines and water Tenders to address our mountainous environment and limited water supply challenges. We feel confident that we have adequate water shuttle capabilities to handle most structural fire situations. We also supplement our abilities through the use of static water supplies such as cisterns.

The fire district maintains a small number of cisterns. In addition there are many other cisterns and water sources throughout the district we have access too. The majority of these cisterns and water sources are privately owned; as such we are not able to report any data on these. 

Dispatch Center/911 Call Center
Timberline Fire Protection District and its supporting agencies are dispatched by both the Gilpin and Boulder public safety dispatch centers. Both of these advanced centers feature E911 and are staffed 24hrs/365 by certified public safety communications specialists.

Wildfire Mitigation Inspections
Please note that Timberline Fire Protection District does not provide mitigation assessments for property owners  or insurance companies.  We are unable to assume the associated liability.  With limited staffing we are also unable to provide on site consultation for individual home owners.  We will however meet with home owner groups of 10 or more for information sessions utilizing much of the material listed on our Wildland Fire Page.

Further Inquires 
Please direct any further questions to our administration offices at (303) 582-5768