Withholding/ Payroll Tax -- Instructions and Forms

Impending federal law changes may require the CDOR to update our withholding publications and other relevant documents. Please check back soon for any updates.

Tax Forms File Links Form Number
Account Changes or Closure eFile DR 1102
Annual Transmittal -- W-2s (2017 and forward) eFile DR 1093
Annual Transmittal -- W-2s (2016 and prior)   DR 1093 Prior
Annual Transmittal -- State 1099 Forms   DR 1106
1099 Income Withholding Tax Return   DR 1107
Annual Reconciliation -- Gaming Winnings   DR 1101
Business Wage Withholding Tax Account Application  Apply Online CR 0100
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization   DR 5785
Electronic Funds Transfer Program   DR 5782
Oil and Oil Shale Tax Withheld Return   DR 0461
Payment of Withholding -- Out-of-state    DR 1079
Real Property Interest -- Information Out-of-state   DR 1083
Refund, Claim for   DR 0137
Tax Status Letter Request   DR 0096
Withholding Tables - for filing periods effective January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020
Withholding Tax Return eFile DR 1094
Withholding Tax Return Backup -- Gaming   DR 1091
Withholding Account Application (CR 0100)  Apply Online CR 0100