Use Tax | Pay

You complete your use tax return and you owe tax.
Online Payment in Revenue Online
If you are using Revenue Online to file your return, you may choose credit card or e-Check payment or you may register in advance for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If you are registered for EFT, you will access it through Revenue Online.
Check or Money Order
If you owe money, you filed online, and want to pay by check or money order:
  • Make the check or money order payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue.
  • Write the Colorado Account Number (CAN) for the tax account on the check. Include the filing period dates and the words Use Tax Return on the check.
Still Owe Tax After Filing
If you have a use tax bill, you should use the payment voucher document that comes with the “Statement of Account.” The payment and voucher should be mailed to the address on the “Statement of Account.” Currently, the only method of paying tax bills is by check or money order with the voucher.