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Income Tax | Third Party Access

The Department encourages e-filed returns, because the third party access designation is included in the electronic return and Department staff can see the name and phone number of the third party designee on the e-filed returns. On paper returns, staff do not data enter any of the third party designee information as they do the return lines.
Designee information from a paper return is not available to see until the paper return is imaged and attached to the taxpayer account, which could take a minimum of two weeks, depending on the time of the year. During that time, it is possible the taxpayer may receive correspondence from the Department. If the third party designee contacts the Department about the letter, Department staff may not yet have access to the paper return image. In the case of a paper return, customer service representatives may ask for a fax copy of the return with the designee information before providing information to the tax professional.

Third Party Requests for Copies of Tax Returns

A third party who has a valid state or federal Power of Attorney may request return copies by attaching the Colorado Tax Information Designation and Power of Attorney for Representation (DR 0145) to the Request for Copy of Tax Returns Form (DR 5714). The Power of Attorney document must specify the tax types the third party can access.
Note: To ensure tax information confidentiality, the Request for Copy of Tax Returns requires notary verification on the paper form regarding the identity of the individual making the request, even when the taxpayer (not a third party) is making the request.

Grant Third Party Access on Revenue Online

You may access your client’s tax information on Revenue Online by utilizing the “Grant Third Party Access” feature. For security reasons, individuals are limited to one Revenue Online account. Because of this, tax professionals should not create an account for themselves under a client’s Social Security number (SSN) or Colorado Account Number (CAN). Doing this prevents the taxpayer from being able to create their Revenue Online account in the future. If your clients grant you third party access, you will be able to access their accounts from your own, single account.


1) Log in to your account at and click on “View My Profile” in upper right corner of the screen.
2) Click on “Grant Third Party Access” in the “I Want To” section.
3) Click on “Next” on the bottom right of your screen.
4) Complete Step 1 and click the “Submit” button.
5) Verify third party access was granted:
a) Account Owner/Taxpayer: The third party account will populate on the “Additional Logons” page, which you can see by clicking on “View My Profile” on the Home page. Then click on “Manage additional logons.”
b) Third Party/Tax Professional: All the accounts are listed on the homepage of your account. The owner’s account will populate in this account list.